A thought on destiny

Dear dreamers,

You must learn to acknowledge that destiny has no boundaries. Some paths will join and it’s inevitable. You stumble into perfect situations with poor timing, but fate always has a plan. Destiny attracts the purest forms of love, through people, places and passion. And when you have that feeling, that one feeling that changes the way you look at a person, when you look them in the eyes and know that they’re something special, you can never be wrong. Seek out adventure in every form of love you have in your heart. Go after what makes your heart beat out of rhythm andΒ treasure it with every ounce of energy in your soul. Go and get the feeling of warm sunshine radiating on your face. Go and get that electric feeling of holding the person you adore more than anyone, and appreciate every tiny detail. Go after everything that makes you feel alive because those things were made for you. Go after what makes you want to dance with joy, or climb a mountain, or marry a person. Put your whole heart into your life and results will show; it can lead you to the most beautiful journey. When you feel magic in someone, never let them go. Energy is crucial, and through it everything connects. Feed positive energy into your mind and follow the signs destiny provides you; it will always lead you in the direction that was meant for you. Appreciate people for who they are and never hesitate to show your love because they might need it just as much as you. Pursue anything that makes you feel intensely happy, and don’t stop until you get it. Your destiny awaits you.



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