In the moment

Dear dreamers,

Today I’ve decided to share a concept that I have become accustomed to over the past few weeks. Since summer break began, I have set myself the goal of improving my mind and therefore my life, having gone through a bit of a rough few months beforehand. On this journey, there have been a lot of lessons I have learnt, which have made me an allround happier and more enthusiastic person. One of these things is fully understanding the importance of ‘in the moment’, not just simply living in the moment but appreciatingΒ things, as they are, in the moment, with the subconscious understanding that they are not going to exist beyond that moment in time. It’s important to note that all you have in the world is the moment that you’re in, which is a very difficult concept to grasp. Everything before the moment does not now exist, and everything to come after the moment does not exist yet. I believe that when you start to acknowledge this simple concept, and begin to cherish every moment you’re given, you will make all the steps necessary to gain what you desire. Make the most of every moment because each moment is a step toward what you truly want. After all, all that you desire is waiting for you, and every moment of your life leads you there, in one way or another. Try to embrace each moment you’re given by trying your hardest to be the happiest and most positive person you can be. Feel the positivity in every moment, and feel it intensely. Choose to act in the best way you possibly can to make each moment the best it can be for yourself. Remember that you create your own reality.



2 thoughts on “In the moment

  1. I enjoyed reading your post! Another valuable concept is not to be waiting but relish in the idea of spiritually Being in the present moment, simply breathing assists with this awareness.

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