The power of doubt

Dear dreamers,

Never underestimate the power of doubt. Doubt is capable of shattering dreams, and robbing you of your self-value. It is important to recognise that you are more powerful than doubt could ever be, and you must not allow it to take control over your thoughts, life and energy. Believing that you can achieve your goals is the key foundation for creating them as your reality. It’s important that you never let doubt win. As long as you remain focused on your goals and believe that you have the capability to achieve them, and are deserving of them, then you can marvel at anything. Self-doubt is so common nowadays that it could almost be labelled as second nature, but I cannot express enough how much you should never let doubt overrule your potential. Never let anybody tell you that your dreams are too big, or that they are unattainable, and do not believe that yourself, because it is far from the truth. If you maintain a solid belief within yourself that you are capable, and tolerate the patience that it takes to achieve your desires, you will. It’s a long road, and will start with small steps first. But if you believe in yourself, subconsciously you will take the necessary steps needed to achieve your goals. If you want something enough, you need to trust that you will do everything you can to get it, and you won’t stop until you do.

Doubt will constantly be your biggest enemy, but only if you let it. It’s important that you erase its power from your life, and understand thatΒ you alone can create your own life.



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