Love in many forms

Dear dreamers,

A piece of writing I thought I’d share:

A love for someone can be found in an unlimited number of ways which proves that lust, love or adoration for a person has no boundaries. You can become entirely in love with a person’s soul; a love so deep and irrevocable that it is not easily replaced by another. You can feel a strong emotion or desire for someone in countless ways, and that’s what make these feelings so magical. You can love someone to the point where it leads you to believe you’re insane. You can thrive on the enchanting feeling caused by an attraction towards someone, which causes a desire to touch every inch of their soul. You can admire a person from a point where they are out of reach yet your soul can predict every detail of theirs, as they contact miraculously through a connection which inevitably determines the fate of the two souls; whether they are destined to know one another. You can adore a person to an extent where every second spent in their presence feels like a welcoming gift from a place far beyond the existence of being. A fascination for a person can cause a longing to learn the way their soul is put together; a desire to gain great knowledge of their being. Appreciating a person’s existence can cause one to feel utterly and completely in love; although there may not be physical attraction or affection towards this person, one can still feel extreme emotion for their existence. An addiction to a person can cause longings that inflict emotional pain upon those who crave them; especially in circumstances where the craving is the wish to know or meet a person.

It’s important to note with an open mind that love exists beyond conventional ways. Sometimes it doesn’t need a label, it just needs to be felt.



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