Life tips #3

Dear dreamers,

1. don't give in to the pressures from other people. do what you want to do and don't apologise for putting yourself first if it's necessary's important to spend some time alone every now and then. being your own best friend is vital. discern what makes you who you are, and treasure it

3.engage in the marvels of the universe, whether it be reading up about astrology or watching an astronomy documentary. look out your window more often. understanding the vastness of the universe will gain a good perspective

4. although sometimes you cannot change your emotions, your thoughts are what you have the sole power to alter. try your hardest to maintain positive thinking, especially on your down days

5. practice self love. take care of your skin. take pride in your appearance. spend quality time with yourself indulging in the things that you love

6. adapt to a sleeping routine, and give yourself plenty of time to relax and unwind before going to sleep. a good quality of sleep is essential for your mind to restore

7. educate yourself! in this day and age we're lucky to have so many resources that enable us to learn. take advantage of this and widen your knowledge to enhance your perspective on life

8. don't be too hard on yourself. you're only human, you can't do everything perfectly. always choose to look on the bright side and keep patience

9. treasure your memories. make memory boards, scrapbooks, photo albums, memory boxes or anything of the like. there are plenty of memories you're in the process of making now that you will want to look back on when you're older

10. keep organised. accomplish what you need to do ahead of its deadline to minimise stress, and pace yourself through all of your projects to make the most of your capability. allow yourself plenty of time to get things done to the highest quality you can. making to-do lists can help to accomplish this




More life tips

Dear dreamers,

In light of an earlier post ’20 life tips’ I have decided to share more life lessons that I have learned through my past experiences as well as those around me. I hope that they inspire and encourage you.

♡ —- part two —- ♡

1.don’t be disheartened by failure. use it as an opportunity for guidance and strength. you’ll get there.

2.choose to channel your energies into productive things which will make your life happier and more enjoyable. these things allow you to flourish as a person.

3.listen to your body. your health is a key priority. what makes you happy because your life is only yours. accomplish as much as possible and remain determined.

5.dedicate time to a hobby or a particular interest, such as sports or blogging. engagement in these are refreshing and can minimise stress.

6.never lessen yourself because of the actions or decisions of somebody else. they don’t make you any less deserving of what you want.

7.understand that worrying has no use. choose to focus on how you are going to respond to your obstacles rather than looking back on them. every day is a new opportunity to reinvent yourself. in the universe. the energy that you put into the universe will be reciprocated. cultivate your thoughts wisely. what you think, you attract.

9.accept that you will not be one hundred percent happy every single day. it’s okay not to be okay sometimes. take the pressure off yourself a little.

10.try your hardest not to put things off. if you want something, act on it now. time is our greatest enemy. don’t allow it to be paired with regret.


20 life tips

Dear dreamers,


Here are a few tips for life which have been inspired by lessons that I have learned through challenges I have overcome throughout the past few years of my life. I have found that the more I learn throughout my journey the more I become accustomed to putting these lessons into practice.


1.don’t dwell on the past. it can’t be changed. learn from your mistakes, trust that time will heal all wounds. always move forward and don’t regret. mistakes allow you to grow.

2.although it’s natural to feel jealousy, never become so jealous of a person that it turns into anger and hatred. they’ll be doing just fine but it will completely consume and destroy you. 

3.never give up. if you have a consistent positive and optimistic mindset, you can achieve what you desire. don’t let obstacles get in your way. choose to perceive failure as an opportunity to keep trying until you succeed. dreams can come true, i promise.

4.indulge in writing. journalising, bucket lists, ideas, stories, poetry, songwriting or any other excuse to put pen to paper. it’s therapeutic and will widen your perspective.

5.always work hard and be motivated to fulfil the greatest extent of your capabilities, but always allow yourself time to relax. your mental health and state of mind is most important.

6.appreciate the little things in life. watch the sunrise or go star-gazing. acknowledging the beauty of the world will make you feel safer and happier to be a part of it. your instincts, and never do anything that you don’t want to do. you don’t owe an explanation to anybody.

8.don’t waste your time overthinking or over analysing a situation because chances are it will end up only existing in your head. sometimes things are simple without justification and are not worth precious thinking time.

9.convert negative energy into positive energy. use it to train, work, motivate or guide you. negative emotions won’t last forever. choose happiness every time.

10.always embrace the things you’re passionate about. never let anybody put you down for loving something. express all the love and passion you have. if you love things which make you glad to be alive, don’t let a single person take that away from you by talking about them negatively.

11.find inner peace within yourself. learn that other people should not dictate your emotions. be happy and proud of who you are. always strive to be a better person. accept that some things are out of your control. it isn’t always your fault.

12.wear what ever you feel comfortable in. don’t dress to please other people. dress to make yourself feel confident.

13.tell your friends more often that you love them. do more nice things for them. always be there for them and advise them. encourage them to be happier and don’t bring them down. yourself, and be consistent with your views. if you do this you will attract the right people into your life.

15.have a favourite film, but make it your film. don’t watch it with anybody else. don’t watch it too often. use it as a sanctuary; a place to go when you’re feeling intensely low and need uplifting. eager to learn new things and challenge yourself daily. take risks. expand your knowledge. with experience comes sense and wisdom.

17.prefer to express to someone how you feel about them rather than them go untold. don’t worry about whether they feel exactly the same way. tell someone how much they mean to you and don’t regret doing so. your talent. everybody has something which makes them unique. use your talent to the best of its ability. be proud of and embrace what you’re good at.

19.if you feel anxious or unsure about something, seek answers. never be afraid to ask for help. others can often offer resolution.

20.fall in love. with places, people, music, pictures, words, hobbies. fall in love a copious amount of times and love with your entire being. then fall in love again.

I hope that at least some of these tips have inspired you, or encouraged you to reflect on things with a more positive mindset.