Reflection: 2016

Dear dreamers,

Since 2016 has almost come to an end, it’s time to reflect upon the year and all the life changing experiences I’ve encountered since the year started. If I could say one thing about 2016, it’s that it’s widened my perspective a lot. I’ve learnt a lot of things and I’m extremely grateful for that. I’m thankful for the memories I’ve made with the most incredible friends. I’m thankful for experiencing some of the best days and nights of my life; ones I’ll never forget. I’m thankful that I’ve remained healthy, and that I’ve become more financially balanced. I’ve also become more grounded as a person and I appreciate the little things even more. I’m grateful for the way in which the magic of the universe has worked for me especially in the past few months; it’s opened up many doors for me and I’m excited to see what the future holds. I’m grateful for getting my heart broken, because although it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever dealt with it’s made me a much more confident, carefree and loving person and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. Some of the days I spent with them will always be some of my best memories. Most importantly I’ve learnt that life goes on and that things aren’t usually as bad as they seem. Sometimes it’s worth being knocked to the ground for the sake of being reborn into a much stronger person than ever before. It’s worth sharing feelings because it can lead to a beautiful journey; whether it’s with that person or whether it’s a journey of gratitude within yourself. I advise anybody reflecting on the past year to consider the most important lessons that you have learnt, but also to reflect on the choices you made and the paths they led you to. I urge anybody to enter 2017 with a positive mindset, and to be focused on achieving your greatest ambitions. If you channel this energy every day, the universe will show you the steps you need to take in order to progress toward obtaining your goals. Aim to be the best version of yourself possible. Be kind because the world needs more of that. Don’t let anybody take you for granted. Carry yourself in a way that reflects how you wish to be perceived by others. Believe in yourself. Take risks. Stay humble. Live more. Love more. Never give up on your dreams.

Best wishes for the new year.